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Structured Cabling

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is the systematic organization of building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that includes standardized cables, components, and hardware. This is usually used for larger building systems like apartment complexes and warehouses, rather than small homes and businesses. This service includes wired or wireless phone systems and internet connectivity.

Compared to other methods, structured cabling has many perks. Maintenance and upgrades are more accessible compared to long patch cords. Any potential maintenance downtime is reduced as possible human error is easily circumvented. On top of that, structured cabling systems always look better than the regular point-to-point method.

Reliable Cabling Services

Blackstone can design and install structural cabling systems that can provide you with a telecommunications infrastructure that is both reliable and high performing. Our systems are also guaranteed to be flexible enough for any future additions or changes that you would want for the cabling system.

We here at Blackstone make sure that we follow the structured cabling standards and guidelines set by the Telecommunications Industry of America and American National Standards Institute. Our team can ensure you of the expert handling cabling system design and of different kinds of cables and equipment.

In addition, we offer additional specialized services for your cabling needs. Other structured cabling services we have include:

  • Data Drops for IT equipment, wireless access points
  • Installation, testing, terminations for head end equipment
  • Fiber communications and terminations

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