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Nurse Call Systems

Why have a nurse call system?

The nurse call system is a technology designed for the efficient and simple communication between nurses and other healthcare providers and their patients. The system messages ensure quicker emergency response times and better patient care. Some of these systems even enable the tracking of incidents and interactions. Administrators will have the ability to review the care that patients receive from other medical staff.

A nurse call system can allow you to locate staff or patients with needs through dome like indicators, pagers, or other messages. Nurse Call systems can provide corded pull stations to allow a patient that has fallen to request for help.

Nurse Call Solutions

Blackstone can provide life safety and nurse call systems for a variety of different occupancies such as hospitals, medical clinics, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Our systems are guaranteed to improve staff productivity and heighten quality of care.

Our expert nurse call technicians can handle the design and installation of wired and wireless call systems, as well as the upgrade, repair, and maintenance of other components, like pillow speakers. With our team on the job, you will be confident about those under your care.

Blackstone can offer you tools designed to improve patient safety through better healthcare communications and clinical workflow. We can also equip you with software and connectivity options that can enable communications between patients and caregivers via smartphones and other devices.

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