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Paging / Intercom Systems

What are paging and intercom systems?


Paging systems will let you deliver brief audio messages. Voice paging broadcasts the messages to many people in a particular area and serves as a mass notification. This system is usually used for announcing emergencies, scheduled events, and other important matters that most of your building's occupants should hear.


Intercoms, on the other hand, act like a phone line: you can send voice messages to a single extension with two-way audio. The receiver can immediately reply to you directly from their device. The intercom is usually used as a reminder for different activities.

An intercom system can also include two way video as well as audio to provide security to building occupants. The security comes from being able to identify the person and who is about to enter. The intercom system can be designed to have an interface at a reception desk, security desk, or other preferred location. A door release button can be interfaced with the system so a person can be quickly identified and a lock can be release with the simple push of a button without having to leave your seat.

Communication Systems Solutions

Here at Blackstone, we understand the need for efficient and reliable communication. If you need a team to design and install paging or intercom systems at your school, factory, or other commercial buildings, etc., we will be more than happy to assist you.

Blackstone communication specialists will work with you to come up with the best solutions for your notifications and announcements. Our experts have worked extensively with both emergency communications and general paging.

Rest assured that Blackstone follows industry standards, and that we will provide you with the best paging equipment, intercom equipment, and installation options on the market.

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