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BDA Systems

What is a Bi-Directional Amplification (BDA) system?

This type of emergency communications system makes use of bi-directional amplifiers, devices which are commonly used as signal boosters for cellular or radio systems. This is to the benefit of emergency responders and others in need of consistent wireless communications.

Cellular and radio communications can be significantly impacted by building construction materials, building size, and other features. BDA systems are the solution you need to sustain good two-way radio signal strength inside buildings and other structures.

Reliable Communication Radio Transmissions

Emergency personnel always need to have consistent and constant emergency signals, so Blackstone does its best to provide you with effective solutions for the best signal amplification systems that can meet all public safety frequency band ranges.

Our experts here at Blackstone can also bring you signal strength testing to secure your radio systems complete coverage for emergency responders. We will be sure to test all relevant frequency band ranges to maximize safety.

We can provide equipment, installation, and testing of complete BDA systems that surely comply with all the code requirements in your area. Blackstone will personally check with your local code authority to ensure that your system is up to scratch.

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