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Types of Security Systems

Blackstone security experts can help you figure out which type of security system to get to best protect your home or business. Read on for more information on the different types of security systems Blackstone can offer you.

Reliable Security Technology

We here at Blackstone have access to the best electronic security system technology currently on the market. Most of these systems are inclusive of motion detectors, security cameras, loud sirens, and notification systems. If you have other special security needs, Blackstone is more than willing to help you out.

Blackstone also offers specialized devices, equipment, and programs from trusted security system manufacturers. You can get access control (Honeywell, KeyScan), Intrusion (Honeywell), and CCTV (Digital Watch Dog, Honeywell, Dahua).

Company Monitored Security System

Company monitored security systems are overseen by reputable security companies like Blackstone. These systems directly notify the company contact centers whenever a trespasser breaks in at your property while the system is activated. Professional companies can easily cover any blind spots or vulnerabilities that you could miss on your own. These types of systems usually require signing a contract along with a monthly fee.

Self Monitored Security System

Self-monitored systems are security alarm systems that you can completely monitor and control yourself. These security systems are cost efficient and suit modern connectivity, but they need a constant Wifi connection or cellular for the monitoring systems to work.

Unmonitored Security System

This system works by simply setting off a loud siren when an alarm is tripped. Unmonitored security systems are cheaper compared to monitored security systems because they have no subscription or ongoing fees, but they also lack many of the perks of a monitored system.

Wired System

The components of wired home security systems are all connected by wiring to a main panel. Wired systems are very reliable due to the lack of any possible interferences and malfunctions, save for cut wiring. These systems are also easy to maintain since they have few complicated components.

Wireless System

The wireless system is virtually similar to the wired system, with the exception of it having practically no wires. These systems can be operated through remote controls. This can be done via different devices like control units, wireless key fobs, and mobile apps. Take note that these systems are known to be vulnerable to different interferences.

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