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Should I get security systems monitoring?

Security monitoring alerts you, your security company, and local authorities to any potential threat to your home or business.

Professional Monitoring

When your systems have professional monitoring, a remote monitoring station is notified of any significant changes in your security system. Monitoring centers notify you when an alarm is set off, and they can send emergency services based on situation assessment.


Some people prefer to monitor their security systems themselves. Self-monitoring is always in a cheaper plan tier than professional monitoring, but you will have to constantly manage and check for notifications.

Consistent Vigilance

Blackstone can protect your home or business 24 hours a day with its competitive and reliable monitoring service. We have security experts that will advise you on the monitoring package that will best suit your security needs. Our team of monitoring professionals are trained to be able to efficiently assess security events.

Blackstone can provide you with top tier monitoring and notification technology to make sure your property is safe. We have a variety of motion detectors and alarms for all types of buildings. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services for your monitoring system.

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Fire and Life Safety Systems Made Simple.
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