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Intrusion Systems

Why do I need intrusion detection systems?

Intrusion detection and alarm systems are designed to detect potential threats and notify the occupants of the area. The intrusions systems are usually composed of the following basic devices and components

Detection Devices

These components are used to recognize the entry of any intruder on the premises.

Signaling Devices

Signaling devices are activated when an intruder is detected. They can use audible or visible alarms.

Control Equipment

All detection components and monitoring devices directly or indirectly connect to the control panel.

Alarm Transmission Equipment

Used by the intrusion alarm system to send alarms and system activity to monitoring stations.

Dependable Threat Protection

Blackstone can provide your establishment with the best intrusion detection systems for all types of commercial applications. Our security experts will have reliable and cost-efficient security solutions that can address most intruder issues.
We carry a wide range of technologies that effectively catch and deter any type of attack. We have products that support even advanced design features. Our top of the line, advanced sensors are able to prevent false alarms from the environment, like from strong drafts or from the presence of pets.

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