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Security System Design

Security systems are vital protecting homes, businesses, and any other establishment. A good security system would need the right type of life safety devices, interior and perimeter protections, and other complicated security equipment that have to be carefully planned.

Designing Your System

Our team at Blackstone can help you ensure your protection. Blackstone can handle the design, develop, and management of any type of security system. We can provide you with simple, cost effective solutions for security systems design that suit your personal needs. We offer packaged security plans and custom security systems options that we will help build from scratch.

Blackstone is a security company known for its expertise and reliability. Our team will assess your building system for vulnerabilities. We then create a security plan and design an alarm system and protective measures that will surely meet your specifications, along with codes and standards for implementation security.  We are also a provider of customer service for all your other security system needs.

Peak Security Technology

We here at Blackstone have access to the best electronic security system technology currently on the market. Blackstone can do the supplying and installation of integral components of security system design:

  • Security cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Glassbreak sensors and window sensors
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Traditional and smart control panels
  • Smart locks and smart lights

Blackstone also offers specialized devices, equipment, and programs from trusted security system manufacturers. You can get access control (Honeywell, KeyScan), Intrusion ( Honeywell ), and CCTV (Digital Watch Dog, Honeywell, Dahua).

Trusted Security Experts 

The Blackstone team offers their best for your safety. We have experienced security specialists and efficient project managers who can manage the sourcing of parts and supplies while coordinating the assessments, installations, and other services that you might require. Our expert assessors, managers, and technicians work side by side in order to ensure that the system is as foolproof as it can get in terms of security and risk management.

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Fire and Life Safety Systems Made Simple.
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