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Access Control

Why should I have access control?

As businesses modernize, grow and expand, so does the need to meet ever evolving security requirements. Access control can give you the robust and complex security system that you need.

This system offers security and risk management through the incorporation of different components like access control panels. These panels perform identification authentication to restrict entry to rooms and buildings to prevent any unauthorized access. This can involve different types of login credentials, form simple passcodes to full biometric scans.

Types of Access Control

In order for a business to have fully developed security, it should have physical and logical access control systems. With both of these in place, the risk of any unauthorized access is minimized.


Physical access control limits access to campuses, compounds, buildings, and rooms.


Logical access controls connections to computer networks, system files and databases.

High Tech, Trusted Access Control

Blackstone can help you handle these security challenges by providing you with reliable access control systems. We can equip you with either small or large systems with easy-to-use software interfaces. We will do what we can to ass

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