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Fire Sprinkler Renovation

Having a properly working and up to date fire sprinkler system is essential in keeping the occupants of your building safe. Protection systems like automatic sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting can help in preventing possible property damage and casualties.

Blackstone can assist you in meeting code requirements and insurance requirements through fire sprinkler infrastructure retrofit or upgrade. We will work with you to achieve your ideal protection goals and protect your establishment from  any severe damage.

When does your sprinkler system need a renovation?

There are many signs that indicate your fire sprinkler systems need renovation. Usually, you will notice frequent breakdowns or vital component failures that always need repairs. These are costly and can disrupt business operations. The complex components of a fire protection system only last about a decade, so replacement parts or retrofitting is recommended.

It is also possible that your building will need to follow code updates and alterations. New building renovations themselves mean that your system will need additions and modifications to suit the new features.

The Renovation Process

Blackstone prides itself in having an efficient and cost-effective renovation process. We have only experienced technicians handle the crucial construction of fire sprinkler systems. We can do renovations of almost any size, from a small office or showroom, to a fully occupied hospital or high rise building.

Our team starts with a thorough analysis of any type of existing facility for the purpose of building or occupancy upgrade. We take note of any possible vulnerability and all components that need fixing or replacing. We will try to work with your budget while working in your preferences.

Blackstone's expert team can offer full design-build engineering services of fire suppression systems. Our services include renovating the existing system, adding a new sprinkler system, or a mix of both. Your occupants will need adequate warning and good protection systems to give them time to evacuate. We can equip you with brand new sprinkler heads, advanced smoke and heat detectors, and better alert systems.

Take note that the renovation work often includes working in both occupied and unoccupied spaces. We will do what we can to make the process as unobtrusive as possible. Our managers will work with you to create a viable schedule to disturb your establishment as little as possible.

We also provide installation services, and 24 hour repair and preventive maintenance. 

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