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Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Here at Blackstone, we want you to have quality, reliable, and affordable fire alarm systems to assist you in protecting your property and the lives of its users.

Rest assured that we will assist you in getting the best system for your establishment while meeting standard requirements. Learn more about fire alarm systems with a short primer from Blackstone.


How Do Fire Alarm Systems Work?

A fire alarm system's sole purpose is to detect fires and alert both the persons in the building and emergency services. These life safety systems use a network of appliances, devices and control panels to perform the alarm functions. They also assist in notifying the fire department and other first responders.

Conventional Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are designed as an early warning system for small facilities. This type of alarm system is the most accessible and affordable. There will be detectors installed in various detection areas which are hardwired to a control panel on fixed circuits. When detection devices like smoke detectors or heat detectors are triggered, the activated control panel will find the circuit that is the point of activation for the fire alarm.

Addressable Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are designed for larger buildings and building complexes and more complex networks. Though theses systems maybe be slightly more expensive at times, they provide many other benefits like enhanced flexibility, identification time, and quality of control. This fire alarm system will get an indication if there is any smoke, fire, heat, or any malfunction from every point that is triggered to pinpoint the exact location of the disruption.Due to the intelligence and ease of installation of an addressable system, installation costs of a new or replacement system can sometimes actually be reduced. Blackstone can review your needs and help you make the most cost effective system to meet your needs.

Alarm Services

Building owners must be certain that crucial fire safety measures are in top condition to protect their building occupants. Blackstone has some of the best fire alarm detection systems on the market.

We can provide dedicated function alarm control panels such as sprinkler monitoring panels/systems, elevator recall panels/systems, pre-action control panels, and many others.

We have some specialized notification devices and detection components for all system sizes. These include voice evacuation panels, standard horn/strobe evacuation, voice evacuation, and cellular monitoring.

Blackstone can also help you with any non-proprietary systems, like FireLite, Silent Knight, and Vista.

Our skilled team of technicians accomodate any inspection and maintenance concerns with our NFPA 72 certification testing and 24 hour service and preventable maintenance.

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Fire and Life Safety Systems Made Simple.
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