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Fire Alarm Service

With proper installation and regular inspections, a fire alarm and life safety system provide years of protection for homes or businesses. These regular maintenance procedures are important in protecting the lives of all the users and occupants of your building from the threat of fires.

Fire Alarm Maintenance and Repair

However, there will be times where a component or two might malfunction and need maintenance services.

Blackstone can expertly maintain and repair existing fire alarm systems from every major manufacturer.  We even have maintenance and repair services for some non-proprietary systems, like FireLite, Silent Knight, and Vista. We can promptly cater to life safety systems, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and all the other facets of your alarm maintenance needs.

Our team works with companies that recognize the dangers of an alarm system failure and the possible costs associated with an improperly maintained fire alarm or one that fails to meet code requirements.

Immediate Response

Time is of the essence when it comes to repairing important protection systems. We offer 24 hour service and preventable maintenance that is quick and cost effective. We can conduct fire alarm repair immediately so that these vital security systems will be ready when needed.

For scheduled maintenance, factors like environmental elements, specialized components and mass notification systems need to be considered when creating plans.

Reliable and Efficient Technicians

You can depend on our highly trained, experienced, and certified service technicians for rigorous preventive and required maintenance, as well as for emergency repairs.

Fire alarm systems can be intricate, but our technicians are equipped to handle any kind of alarm system, no matter how complex. Blackstone always makes sure that every technician of ours can restore your fire alarm system to meet proper safety requirements and standards.

We will be sure to handle all the details of the maintenance or repair job, including the proper tools and materials. The best decisions will always be made on whether to repair or replace the problem equipment.

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Fire and Life Safety Systems Made Simple.
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