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Fire Alarm Installation

An alarm system that is thoughtfully designed and properly installed can prevent fires from threatening life safety and damaging homes, offices, and other important properties. From a few simple smoke alarms to entire alarm systems, Blackstone can provide you with the best fire alarm installation out there. Let Blackstone install your fire alarm devices and improve the safety of your establishment and its occupants.

How does the process work?

Blackstone offers you a worry free installation experience. We can provide services for the design, installation, programming, commissioning, certification testing, and training for new systems, additions, and renovations of fire alarm systems for all types of standard and special hazard situations.

We can also provide follow up services to ensure that your fire alarm system installation functions properly. We take all the steps necessary to make sure every system we design and install is sure to be up to the standards of NFPA 72.

System Design

Our team takes factors like your budget, building design, and environment into consideration when designing the best alarm system for you. We will work with you and cater to any special request you may have for your building, as long as they still comply with relevant codes.

We can offer alarm systems from both leading manufacturers and proprietary systems like FireLite, Silent Knight, and Vista, so that you have the freedom to choose the right systems and the right service partner.

Installation Process

Blackstone has experts in designing, installing, servicing and monitoring fire systems. Our experienced technicians will support your existing system and design, and install and maintain a new one. Expert system installers use their solid project management and administration skills so that you can rest easy knowing that your fire alarm system will be installed to high standards. We guarantee that your system is installed and operates according to required codes and standards.

Our efficient 24 hour repair service and preventable maintenance will always keep your newly installed system up and running. Alarm inspections and NFPA 72 Certification testing can also be provided by our trained specialists.

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Fire and Life Safety Systems Made Simple.
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